12 Week Sanitizing Test


If you have been following us, you have noticed conversations about healthy ways to sanitze our homes and work environments.

Before we jumped in to the deodorizing and anti-microbial business we wanted to prove to ourselves the safety and advertized effectiveness of the systems and products. So on November 13 we sanitized the kitchen sink and everything around it, Before sanitizing we wiped down the sink as usual and then performed an ATP hygiene swab test to read the level of microbes, I am embarrassed to say that the level was over 2800 ( healthy is considered below 200). After washing down with Liquid Ozone the ATP number was 11. Success!!  The next step was to apply BioZone Anti-Microbial Coating to the surfaces. After air drying the ATP number was still 11. For the next 12 weeks we did a regular ATP swab. Saturday the 14th I wiped the sink with a paper towel we swabbed the sink and you can see the results. During these 12 weeks we never used any chemicals or did any intense cleaning, in fact we kind of ignored it just to prove that the coating was ineffective, Kitchen sinks are home to many microbes.

It's time for step 2: Our Church Nursery

So far - Safe? Yes,

Effective? - Yes, 

Needed? Absolutely, 

Wanted by families & businesses? Time to find out.