A Day Off from Cleaning

It' been good Charlotte. Let's take a minute to reflect on the past few weeks. There have been Big windows, little windows, high windows, Patio windows, Dining room... Read More »

Thank You, Annie from Charlotte

Annie's elegant cotton window coverings had been soiled from drapery rod lubricant and powder residue from the rod. It is not a good idea to lubricate the rod with graphite or anything else... Read More »

Wait, Charlotte, Did you Forget?

You know,  we often just look right past  those decorative fabrics proudly displayed around our windows. These investments, installed how many years ago now? Need deep cleaning every 4... Read More »

Does this Home Look Dangerous?

Looks like a tidy, well cared for safe place to raise a family to me.  Corin had spent hours and multiple days scrubbing, replacing floors, cleaning air ducts and constantly doing laundry in... Read More »

Fort Mill, It's About Saving Lives

  Discover a Superior Service that Save Lives We have remarkable superpowers.  We have the amazing ability to remove the worst odors.  The science behind... Read More »

Ready for This Rock Hill, or Fort MiIl? Charlotte?

You know this is coming, it's the season, and when has "the Shot" kept your household flu--free? What are the chances that this will represent a morning soon?Pretty Good... Read More »

Cleaning Master Bedroom Window Treatments in South Charlotte

It's been a weekk of cleaning Fine Drapery fabrics hanging in master bedrooms. We have been doing a good number of these going into the cold season. Our bedroom fabrics are always the most in... Read More »

Early Morning Curtain Cleaning at a Popular Charlotte Area Restaurant

One area restaurant has much cleaner curtains now after 2 early morning visits to clean the fabrics and repair some minor hardware issues. Great palce to eat at and work. What Brand is it? Now to... Read More »

Lake Wylie, Is This Your Boat?

Many boat owners struggle with mold issues throughout the year. Most try to solve the problem with bleach a scrub brush.  We used no bleach or brush.   Looking for a solution?... Read More »

Spring Cleaning Charlotte

Get ready for outdoor fun in the backyard. The pool area is not ready to party until the outdoor cushions are clean. We have quite the stack of cusions from small pillows to sofas, swings and... Read More »

Charlotte Drapery Cleaners Must Get High

The year starts out with challenges for this drapery cleaner. Working 2 stories up, Mike hangs the protective plastic and begins vaccuuming the 12 year old treatments. Plenty of high level cobwebs... Read More »

Charlotte, It's Pool and Patio Furniture Clean Up Time Again

It's just now cool enough to attack those soiled outdoor furniture and patio Draperies. Summer pollens, food and beverage spills, insect stains, and other soils defacing of your backyard... Read More »

Soot covered Ripplefold Linen Sheers

These Linen panels in an upscale unique farm house in Chester were heavily coated with soot and had water stains across the bottoms from leaky windows. Now they look like new and are ready for... Read More »

Do My Draperies need to be Cleaned?

When Should My Drapes Be Cleaned? A good rule-of-thumb is to clean drapes approximately every two to four years. A recent survey showed that most owners think that cleaning is only necessary when... Read More »

charlotte Poolside Furniture Gets a Good Cleaning

Jessica's family is ready to party now. These and 4 other settings around her very inviting pool are refreshed and ready to be shared with guests. The environmental soils, mildew, tree saps,... Read More »

Sheers, Silk Panels, Roman Shades . . With a Lake Norman view

Jessica has a great lake view out her windows. Inside they have invested in high-end fabrics in multiple layers, UV window protection, and elegant table skirts in this 8 windowed open nicely... Read More »

Take the Kids to the Pool While I clean your Curtains

That's right. Because we can clean your designs where they hang, Carrie was able to leave the window treatments to me while they spent the morning at the pool. By the time they got back 3 hours... Read More »

Lake Wylie Custom Drapes Get Custom Cleaning

When we clean custom Window Treatments on site, every job is a unique challenge. Usually we need to make decisions on proper chemistry, timing, starting on the right side or left; but as in this... Read More »

The Cleanest Bedroom in Charlotte

Thank you Sharon for requesting our services. Sharon keeps a really pristine home. Her fresh white room decor is perfectly maintained now that her white blackout draperies have been cleaned. Even... Read More »

Charlottes Nicotene Stains are Many Shades Restored

What seemed like no hope for this Charlotte home, with proper chemistry, temperature, and water, these heavily stained shades found relief. Do you know someone who has decorative fabrics which... Read More »

Lake Wylie Luminettes Need Cleaning

Had a call today from a competitor who tried to clean Hunter Douglas Luminette Modern Draperies in a tub and the consumer was not overjoyed with the outcome. Ten to fifteen year-old anything rarely... Read More »

Charlotte, You've Had Some Scarry Nights

Is it time to give your bedrooms a shock treatment to protect your families health? Using Natures Renewing forces at shock levels to Revive and Refresh your safe places. Plus  -  You... Read More »

Charlotte Eatery Fabrics Need Help

1700 square feet of linen sheers in this uptown venue had multiple dislays/spills of customer meals on each of its panels. The last attempt at cleaning had been unsuccessful and the ownership was... Read More »

Lake Wylie House of Twelve Cats

What happens to fine fabrics when they and 12 cats come together? Yes, every time. Soiling and lots of hair, dander, and pet oils. No worries though. Even though these were silk and the... Read More »

Dancing in the Ceiling of a Charlotte Hotel Reception Room

The Hotel Manager did not know if the roller shades had ever been cleaned. The top sides were covered with soils and water stains. This reception hall is heavily used for weddings and other formal... Read More »

It Was Roman Shades Today, Charlotte

Alexa like Roman Shades. She has them throughout her home, in bedrooms, baths, eating areas, and family rooms. They look great until dust accumulation, family soils and UV rays  quickly bring... Read More »

Fort Mill Feral Cat Claims a Sectional

                       Ruth was surprised to find that a neighborhood feline had... Read More »

Piper Glen Silhouettes Restored To Like New Beauty

So Shelley called to see if the shades in their recently purchased home were salvageable. Shelley like many other recent up-scale home buyers are surprised at the value (although often very dirty)... Read More »

Cleaning Charlotte's 20 Foot High Window Treatments

The day started with some typical sheers and traditional pleated curtains. Then we pulled out the big ladders, long hosees and long zip-wall poles for the last challenge for the day. The silk panels... Read More »

The Colors are good but . . .

Read More »

Charlotte, I Cleaned Your American Eagle

Amazing. '98 American Eagle in perfect shape. Not our usual entre' for the day. Charlotte needed the headliner , shades, & blinds, cleaned today. We also sanitized the interior and did the... Read More »

Not a Pretty Picture Charlotte

The colors are good, the shapes interesting, but let's not touch. These are unfriendlies. What you are seeing here are E-coli, Ebola, H1N1, Hepatitusi, Mold, MRSA, Norwalk, Rossman, and Salmonella... Read More »

Cleaned and Sanitized Fort Mill Office Dividers

Two real estate offices purchased some used dividers. Used meaning dirty with a variety of past office residue like food, drink, ink, scuff marks, and other questionable attachments. The units... Read More »

Why do Sanitizers Fail?

As soon as typical sanitizers dry, the opportunity for bacteria and odors start all over again. BioZone Protectant is an antimicrobial surface treatment that works 24/7 for as long as three... Read More »

Charlotte, Cathy's Elegant Drapes are now Cleaned

Just in time for Christmas Cathy's Treatments are once again clean, and pristine. Her whole house had all the windows elegantly dressed over 6 years ago, now they are all cleaned and looking like... Read More »

Charlottes On-Site Drapery Cleaner

It all started with a call from Kristen about unknown spots on her velvet loveseat. Once we had 1 success She kept adding chairs , cushions, and a chaise. Next are her elegant window treatments. In... Read More »

Charlotte, We Dream About Cleaning Your Curtains

Seriously. The Holidays are here, but there is still time to have yours cleaned right where they hang. Imagine clean, dust free winow tretments & No Naked Windows, no take down and rehangng... Read More »

Charlotte Mobile Drapery Cleaner's goes more Green

Mike Busch owner/operator of Cleaner Image Solutions just announced that they are stepping up the Power of Clean with nature inspired innovations. In 2012 CIS became licensed to use the ECO friendly... Read More »

Can You Imagine Cleaning these Charlotte Drapes?

This is just the top 6 feet of the 24 foot high project. Thanks for long hoses, a sturdy ladder, and a willingness to attack most any fabric cleaning opportunity.  and of course a homeowner who... Read More »

Charlotte Mobile DryCleaner Cleans a not so Typical Shower

Not your typical shower for sure, The surfaces for a large hi-end shower were quite normal, lots of cut glass, various cut stone, stainless steel, chrome, Quarry tile and grout. All very cleanable... Read More »

This Charlotte Drapery Cleaner sometimes Cleans Fabric that is not so Elegant

Yes. Elevator pads.  A high end condo in uptown Charlotte always calls Mike at Cleaner Image Solutions to renew their pads which are hung and used whenever owners are moving in or out of the... Read More »

No Rock Hill, Not These Kind of Blinds

In 1930, Sullivan’s father and grandfather started duck hunting. In 1948, he joined them and about 10 years ago he brought Owens. That tradition has included the use of this permanent blind. They... Read More »

Not These Draperies, Charlotte

Among the most beautiful of cave formations, draperies are deposited from calcite-rich solutions flowing along an overhung surface. Surface tension allows these solutions to cling to a wall or... Read More »

OK Charlotte, What are These?

These can be called many things. Filters, Personal Security, Elegant, Perfect Accent, Insulators, Dust Collectors, Sun Protection, Pleated Shades, Window Treatments, Bug Collectors, Soft... Read More »

To What do These Items Belong?

Found in almost every home and business in the Charlotte Metro area. What are they? The item on the right is called a ladder. Middle items are Bottom Rail Plugs The left one is a Tilt Drum These are... Read More »

Charlotte Hunter Douglas Shades Need Help

Cynthia called to see if we could come and clean her bathroom shade. Because they were painting and the shade was down, she decided to ship it to us for cleaning. We recieved it with a note, "The... Read More »

Fort Mill - Are you Frustrated with Cleaning Your Blinds?

If you are still doing them your self, Why Bother?      Cleaning is frustrating, messy, and time consuming! Have those dust collectors bathed in an ultrasonic tank by Cleaner Image Solutions... Read More »

I Was Asked to Clean These Weddington Luminettes but . . .

Before setting an appointment to clean Megans Luminettes we needed to inspect them first for installation and integrity. They are very soiled, but the track is broken so they can not function, the... Read More »

Fort Mill Shades Do Need Cleaning

OK, I was all set to clean Sharon's shades and her husband came home. He did not think they were dirty enough to have them cleaned. I offered to demonstrate  how soiled they were. So I showed him... Read More »

Best Drapery Cleaner in Charlotte

Candy needed her bedroom Window Treatments refreshed. By choosing to have hers cleaned On-Site, she was guaranteed no shrinkage or damage, they were thoroughly cleaned with Green Earth licensed... Read More »

Are you sleeping well Charlotte?

A sanitized mattress equals a good nights sleep. Dust mites and allergens increase with every nights rest. Anyone who has hair, sweats, has skin, and sleeps on a mattress is providing the perfect... Read More »

"Help Me" Call from Charlotte Drapery Owner

Adi called Wednesday morning. Her royal blue silk draperies in her condo were quality tested by her friends. In the end the fabric and colors proved to be safe, pet friends restricted and healthy,... Read More »

Healthy Mattress article from MNN for Charlotte homes

If you're like me, you have never contemplated the need to clean your mattress. But as it turns out, once you know the facts, the cleanliness (or lack thereof) of your mattress can be hard to... Read More »

Removing Unfortunate Odors in Charlotte Homes

It happens to everyone: sometimes there's an unfortunate odor in your house - maybe it's coming from your garbage can, something that burnt in the kitchen, the bathroom or the litter box. Our first... Read More »

Maintaing Allergy Prone Items in our Charlotte Homes

Drapes and mini-blindsWindow treatments are real dust collectors. The easiest way to get rid of allergens in drapes and curtains is to simply have them dry cleaned.For mini-blinds, gentle vacuuming... Read More »

Luminettes restored in Charlotte

The owners of their nice home in South Charlotte have had some mold and soot issues in their ductwork. After a good duct cleaning by Rob with  Ductz of South Charlotte, Cleaner Image Solutions came... Read More »

Caring for the Fabrics in our Charlotte Homes #12

Suede CarePreventative Care  Purchase a suede protector from a leather or suede specialty store. This will give your suede item a defense against water damage and stains.Suede brushes are... Read More »

Caring for the Fabrics in our Charlotte Homes #10

Leather Care  Preventative care  Protectors  Most leather specialty shops sell leather protectors—sprays that guard your garment from stains, water, and skin oil damage.Leather conditioner... Read More »

Caring for the Fabrics in our Charlotte Homes #8

General tips for dry-clean only clothingDon't try it at home.  If an item is labeled "dry clean only," there's a good reason for it. Don't put anything in your washing machine that doesn't belong... Read More »

Caring for the Fabrics in our Charlotte Homes #8

General tips for dry-clean only clothingDon't try it at home.  If an item is labeled "dry clean only," there's a good reason for it. Don't put anything in your washing machine that doesn't belong... Read More »

Caring for the Fabrics in our Charlotte Homes #7

General tips for at-home laundering  Wash in cold water.Hot water wears out fabrics more quickly. Save the hot water for really soiled loads—kids' baseball uniforms, gardening clothes, dirty... Read More »

Caring for the Fabrics in our Charlotte Homes #9

Clean before storing.Stains from seemingly clear substances like body oils, perspiration, white wine and sugary substances may not appear for some time. Once these have a chance to oxidize, they may... Read More »

Making Clothes Last Longer - Postt #6 of Caring for Fabrics in Charlotte Homes

Keeping Clothes Like NewNo one likes it when colors fade, fabric wears out, and hems come undone. To keep your clothes looking as good as new, follow these tips to preserve washable and dry clean... Read More »

Cleaning Charlotte Patio Furniture Cushions.

Yesterday was a perfect work outside day. This client has numerous Window Treatments that have been carefully maintained, so today, she wanted her patio cushions renewed. She never brings them in,... Read More »

Caring for the Fabrics in our Charlotte Homes #5

Garment and Fabric Storage   Fabrics including Garments, Bedding, Curtains and Draperies should always be cleaned before being put away. Even if they look clean, some invisible stains, such as... Read More »

Caring for the Fabrics in our Charlotte Homes #4

Energy savers In this post you will see that I saved the best saver until last.Save the environment—and your wallet—with a few easy changes to your laundry routine  Wash clothes in cold or warm... Read More »

Caring for the Fabrics in our Charlotte Homes #3

Greener Home LaundryFor the everyday items you wash at home, there are easy, earth-friendly solutions that will get your laundry greener and cleaner.All-natural laundry cleaning agentsThese tips are... Read More »

Caring for the Fabrics in our Charlotte Homes #1

For the next several posts we will be sharing ideas for care of the various fabric treasures in our homes. Todays post is:Caring for your Quilts & ComfortersComforters and Quilts are collectors... Read More »

Caring for the Fabrics of our Charlotte Homes #2

Everyday care for our PillowsAfter 2 years of sleeping on our pillows, as much as 50% of the weight of the pillow consists of a soup of health risks and microbes. If you do not purchase new pillows... Read More »

Better and Safer Drapery Cleaning in Charlotte

GREENEARTH ADVANTAGESBetter for the environment. Better for household fabrics.Cleaner Image Solutions is licensed and trained in using GeenEarth solutions for renewing decorative fabrics with our... Read More »

Protecting your window treatments from the Carolina sun

You’ve invested in beautiful, vibrant drapes for in your sunny north-facing living room. Or maybe a fabulous couch decked out in the latest upholstery fabric. Everyone comments on them. They’re... Read More »

Better Cleaning Ideas for Charlotte Homes

I've been hanging around dry cleaing and laundry rooms and chemicals for many years. The chemical preferred for drycleaning most of those years is called perc. It cleaned well but has health risk... Read More »

Best care for Silhouette Shades in Charlotte

How can my Hunter Douglas Silhouette® shades be cleaned?”The Silhouette shade fabric has been treated with a proprietary process that optimally repels dust, soil and stains. Still these elegant... Read More »

Why do

By default window coverings are air filters at your windows. As temperature changes occur at our windows, air currents are created changing direction many times throughout the day. These currents... Read More »

Office Cleaning Services in Rock Hill South Carolina

How to Remove Stains in Office Furniture   Office parties are definitely the formal kinds of parties thrown on special occasions by the big boss of the company. Though they are not the same as the... Read More »