Better Cleaning Ideas for Charlotte Homes

I've been hanging around dry cleaing and laundry rooms and chemicals for many years. The chemical preferred for drycleaning most of those years is called perc. It cleaned well but has health risk issues. Enen our laundry area a harsh to unhealthy products. Nom that I operate Cleaner Image Solutions and am bringing our cleaning experience into residences I have an entirely different perspective of what are the best methods and products for healthy home environments. 

For dry and wet cleaning we use Green Earth Cleaning Solution products (we will discuss these in a later post). For disinfecting we use Hot Dry Vapor and Ozone. For deodorization we have great success with ozone treatments.  As you can see we use naturally occurring products.

Instead of touting one of our services which we are really good at performing, for a few posts we want to share with you some products, ideas and services which will help you maintain a healthier environment, save cash, clean a more natural way, or protect your treasures.

Our first venture into a product is one which we have been using in our home since Christmas. Even our daughter comes over to use it because it works so well on our grand daughters diapers. It is an ozone generator for laundry. This really works. Here is a review link which says it well:

We have not used 1 drop of soap for 3 months, the hot water is turned off to the washer, the white terry towels I use for business are whiter and softer than before. And best of all my skeptical wife ( who did not appreciate this holiday purchase) is now all in.

Hmmm. Saves money, works really well, no more last minute runs for laundry soap, the smell of fresh, using naturally occuring processes, . . .

any questions?