Better and Safer Drapery Cleaning in Charlotte


GREENEARTH ADVANTAGES  Better for the environment. Better for household fabrics.Cleaner Image Solutions is licensed and trained in using GeenEarth solutions for renewing decorative fabrics with our on-site extraction process. GreenEarth is more than an ecologically safe alternative to traditional dry cleaning solvents. It is actually better for fabrics. And that's not just our opinion, it's science. You see, solvents are not strong or weak on their own. They are only a carrier. Their "strength" is measured by how well they work in combination with additives to dissolve the materials that need to be dissolved without dissolving the materials that need to be protected.GreenEarth's liquid silicone doesn't work alone, it is part of a specially designed cleaning system with the silicone, the specifically designed detergent and the mechanical action. The magic of the GreenEarth system is the unique way it has been designed to work with detergents and the cleaning action of dry cleaning machines to remove stains and soil from fabric fibers without "touching" them. Think of it as having the ability to use a scalpel for stain surgery when everyone else is still using a machete.  Result? The GreenEarth Cleaning system loosens and removes soil particulate from fabrics without degrading or damaging textile fibers. Fabrics are cleaner, fresher, and last longer.  -GreenEarth Cleaning takes better care of fabrics and the earth.  -Say goodbye to harmful dry cleaning chemicals. Say hello to a kinder clean.  -Beautiful Curtains & Drapes  -Perfectly clean. Wonderfully gentle. Fabrics look newer longer.  -Cleaner Air.  -Environmentally non-toxicCleaner Image Solutions not only provides the best method for cleaning  window treatments and upholstery, they also provise the safest and healthiest solution to fabric care.

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