Biozone Protectant Proven Long-lasting in Charlotte Area

OK Really (in the words of our grand-daughter), It has now been 9 months of testing the Biozone anti-microbial in our home. For most of that time it has been Joannie and I, plus her mother who makes and leaves messes which are common among 92 year olds, and for the past 4 weeks, 4 grand children ages 5 - 17 have been here full time as well. This morning we ran the 9 month test on the integrity of the product in the usual high microbial places. The advertised effective time for usefulness is 3 to 9 months, hygiene readings under 150 is considered safe. Results: Kitchen sink -13,  mother-in-laws bathroom vanity top - 33,  Kids vanity top - 27, and because I could not believe the remarkable results, we did the dishwasher interior to test the equipment - 2307, Yuk.

To review, Biozone is anti-microbial bio-static coating which is applied professionally to clean surfaces which kills all types of microbes in all types of environments- light, dark, cold, hot,humid, dry, indoors, outside, safe for kids and pets, and does so without any chance of allowing for bacterial mutations.

Every child, every senior, every pet needs this kind of environmental protection for the coming "sick" season.

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