Caring for the Fabrics in our Charlotte Homes #8

General tips for dry-clean only clothingDon't try it at home.  If an item is labeled "dry clean only," there's a good reason for it. Don't put anything in your washing machine that doesn't belong there—it could shrink or become discolored, and the agitation from the machine will wear out the fabric faster. Don't try to remove stains on dry clean items either; professional dry cleaners know how to treat them based on the fabric and the stain.  Keep up with regular cleaningsMany garment manufacturers warn against cleaning too often—that's because traditional dry cleaning can be hard on fabric over time. GreenEarth, however, is different. Our gentle solution will not harm fabric fibers as it cleans them because unlike petrochemical dry cleaning fluid, GreenEarth is chmically inert; it does not swell or rub fabric fibers during the cleaning process, it simply carries the detergent to your clothes, and carries the diret away without hurting the fabric itself. Regular dry cleaning with GreenEarth will actually help your clothes last longer. Solid materials left behind after perspiration evaporates can be especially damaging to the life of a garment, as can storing them without cleaning first to remove visible and invisible food and beverage stains that attract insects. Clean suits and formal dresses every 2-3 wearings to prevent dirt and oil buildup that can corrode the material. In between cleanings, hanging clothes near the steam from a shower will help refresh them and allow them keep their shape longer. Let your dry cleaner know about stains before having them cleaned

Do not try to remove stains yourself. Blot spills without rubbing and take to the cleaners as soon as possible. Attempting to remove stains from some fabrics, like silks, can cause permanent damage.