Allergy Relief


Contact with allergens affects us in different ways, some intense, some almost unnoticeable.

Dust mite allergens are considered one the most potent allergens on the earth, and our constant contact with them slowly breaks down our bodies immune system.

One of todays greatest health risks for our families is indoor air pollution. Our air tight homes with mattresses, furniture, and carpets hold scores of unhealthy pollutants. US EPA

It may surprise you to know that our mattresses hold the most intense collection of allergens, and microbes which harm our health. A two year old queen size mattress can easily be home to over 2 million dust mites, creating hi-potency allergens as we sleep. It is no wonder that we often awake to stuffy nose, ithchy skin, and other health annoyances or even serious reactions.

Our first priority in providing allergy relief is to sanitize the mattress with HEPA certified vaccuums, Intense Forced Ozone treatments or an Ozone Wetclean/Extraction treatment, anti-mite mist. These methods remove dirt and allergens, providing you with a clean and healthy sleeping environment for you and your family. Eco friendly processes.

1. Pre vaccuum with HEPA certified system
This removes the dander, skin, hair dead mites and other mite foods.

2. Forced Ozone Envelope Kills mites and other microbes and eggs

           or Injection/Extraction Cleaning  Washes mattress and treats stains

3. Re-Vaccuum
We vaccuum again to remove the dead particles and remove any slight moisture from the vapor.

4. Anti-Microbial Application
A natural mite inhibitor is misted over the area. This is a de-naturing derivative from plants to slow down mite reproduction for up to 6 months. Also an anti-microbial proction is applied .

A fresh healthy mattress equals a good nights sleep.

Frequently Asked Sanitizing Questions

Q:Will dust mites return?
A: You can't stop them. As soon as you get into bed you bring new dust mites, dust mite foods, and other health risk microbes.
Q: What do I need to do before you arrive?

A: Remove all bedding. Wash your sheets and pads in very hot water,

Q: How long does it take?
A: We will be in your home up to 2 hours for 1 - 3 mattresses..

Q: How much time is needed to dry?
A: Usually you can  put the bedding back on within an hour unless the wet cleaning is done. then fans are needed to thoroughly dry the mattresses.

Q: How often do I need to have this done?
A: Several factors affect this. The amount of use and the environment you are in dictate the frequency. Although as a rule of thumb, it is recommended that you should consider our return in a year or so before the allergens become too intense again. You will probably notice that your mattress stays newer feeling much longer with this treatment.

Q: Is this safe for my children and pets?
A: Yes, this process uses no chemicals and the pollutants are trapped in the HEPA sealed vaccuum.

Q: What about my pillows?

We can treat your pillows. Your pillows weight after 2 years is 50% stuff that was not there new. It makes most sense to replace pillows every couple years unless they are memory foam.

I have a memory foam mattress, can you treat this?

Mites do not penetrate and live in this type of mattress. However mites do live very close to your resting body so you should monthly wipe off the surface with a slightly dampened cloth to remove pollutants.





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