Charlotte Facilities Get a Healthy Dose of Water

Locker and Shower areas:  If the concern is not only germs, but also odor, consider treating with aqueous ozone.  You wouldn't necessarily use your regular (gaseous) ozone generators due to the humidity factor; but why not aqueous ozone that is mobile and has a nice hose that allows you to cover everything with the wand sprayer.  Ozone is an amazingly good sanitizer, killing nearly every type of bacteria and virus in seconds.  At the same time, it is killing mold, mildew, fungi, and other biologic threats.  The fact that it will destroy odors is nothing but a plus.  

Food Prep Areas:  How good is something that will kill germs and help clean any food prep area without chemicals?  This does not replace the need for good cleaning, but it is the extra protection against the problems in food prep areas.  FDA and EPA approve of aqueous ozone to treat food prep areas including washing fruits and vegetables to get rid of pesticides and bacteria.

Eating Areas with Hard Surfaces:  The XytoBlast 9000M frankly should be standard issue for all hard surface eating areas.  By comparison to that day-old bucket and rag behind the counter used to wash tables, chairs, and spills; the aqueous ozone can do a small or large area in record time.  Eliminate odors, sanitize, and clean with the convenience not found in other systems.  If you learn to use a squeegee to move the water to a drain, it will speed up your cleaning process.

Pet Care, Pet Boarding, Pet Services:  If you have read anything about the Dog Flu, you know that it is devasting.  When it hits, the business is essentially shut down because no one wants to expose their dog to something that can kill it.  Getting ahead of pet diseases means being proactive.  The routine combination of the XytoBlast 9000M and the BioZone Protectant for enduring germ inhibiting protection is very smart, and very safe. 

Restrooms:  How about a touchless system that workers will love (and so will your customers).  Turn a 15 minute nasty job into a 5 minute fantastic job.  Use the XytoBlast 9000M and a squeegee to destroy odors, germs, and clean in record time.  Customers do judge your facility on many items, and the bathrooms are a substantial concern.

Clean Daily, Sanitize weekly, and protect your facility for three months when you bring XytoBlast and BioZone Protectant together.  Ozone is an immediate cure for germ and odor problems, and BioZone Protectant is the safety net that inhibits infections for as long as 90 days.

Does your facility need a "Flu shot" from Cleaner Image Solutions?