Charlotte, It's Pool and Patio Furniture Clean Up Time Again

It's just now cool enough to attack those soiled outdoor furniture and patio Draperies. Summer pollens, food and beverage spills, insect stains, and other soils defacing of your backyard investments can be attended to before fall parties and storage. We just completed the renewal of Deane's white chairs and lounges, plus their patio curtains which were harboring insect nests, pollen stains and some mold, along with the common outdoor soils. The cushions were restored to their California style brightness.

This beautiful backyard pool and lounging area is ready for next weeks party and whom ever may come as guests this fall.

October is a great time to renew your outdoor decorative investments, a sunny 75 degree day is perfect for successful cleaning and drying. And because these items remain in place for the winter, we will see them again next spring.

Are your outdoor cushions and patio curtains in need of some TLC? Email mike@cleanerimagesolutions for help.