Charlotte Mobile Drapery Cleaner's goes more Green


Mike Busch owner/operator of Cleaner Image Solutions just announced that they

are stepping up the Power of Clean with nature inspired innovations. In 2012 CIS

became licensed to use the ECO friendly with VOC free and safe cleaning products

from Green Earth.

November 1st of this year CIS has embraced technologies born of natures remedies

to enhance their cleaning, sanitizing, and deodorizing services.

New certifications including Ozone Technician, Fresh Air Expert, and Infection Control Tech,

now gives this Charlotte area cleaning authority a huge naturally based set of weapons

to fight odors, bacteria, mold, virus and bacterial health risks.

This is great news for home owners with pet soiling of upholstery and window treatments,

and also problem household odors. Mike will also be able to stop the unseen microbial

dangers in daycares, medical offices, gyms, restaurants, school buses and much more.