Charlotte, We Can Not Be Blind to the Danger

<p id="watch-uploader-info"><strong>Published on <span class="watch-video-date" id="eow-date">Mar 25, 2012</span> </strong></p><div id="watch-description-text"><p id="eow-description">This video of Weslea Teraberry was created to honor the life of the little girl, who quickly becomes the catalyst behind a global child safety initiative called &quot;ABC&#39;s&quot;. Awareness of Blind Cord safety campaign. Watch and share to create awareness</p><div class="Ct">Blind Safety, how easy it is to forget the importance of safe blinds around children.Check out the Safe T Shade System and CK Lift system at´╗┐, and be aware of those looping strings with blinds and other window covering products.</div></div><p>&nbsp;</p>