Odor Removal

Have you been noticing an unpleasant odor?

Bad Odors are Natures way of indicating something is not right.

Cleaner Image Solutions uses remedies from nature to totally remove  and neutralize odors at their source. The power horse tool is enriched Oxygen (O3) or Ozone. Additional weapons in the tool-box include  Probiotics, Essential Oils,and Ozone Plasma or Aqueous Ozone. By applying shock treatment(s) of intense ozone, persistent and unwanted odors will be wiped out. Probiotics work to remove deeply held odor sources  in products that have had organic damage like pet urine or body decay. Select Essential Oils are very effective at changing the odor molecule after the offending source is removed.

These tools are very effective on odors like: Smoke, Mold & Mildew, Musty odor, Pets, Garbage, Decay, and even VOC's from paint, pesticides and other chemicals.

An ozone shock treatment works like a springtime thunder storm creating spring fresh air, leaving no residue.

Q. Is it safe?

A. It is important that no people, pets, or plants are in area during the shock treatment. Ozone dissipates within 40 minutes and returns to plain oxygen. Then the area is safe. If, on rare occasions, the treatment must be applied by hand then our techs will wear resperators.

Q. Can I purchase ozone and DIY?

A.  No. Ozone can not be packaged. It has a very short life and must be made on site and applied by an Ozone Certified Technician with equipment capable of producing a high level of ozone..

Q.  How long does a treatment take?

A.  Individual shock treatments are usually done in bursts of 60 - 90 minutes and are repeated as necesary to acheive the proper results.  The size of the room, extent of the odor, and other environmental concerns will determine the length and frequency of shock.

Please note: Ozone treatments will remove the odor, but if the source has not been eliminated the odor will re-occur. 

Ozone can be used effectively for:

  • Eliminating odors.
  • Killing mold and mildew.
  • Disinfecting
  • Is used to treat waste water and hospital equipment.
  • Killing microbes on athletic equipment.
  • Killing mites, bacteria, and other small pests.
  • Washing laundry without detergent or hot water.
  • Ozone can be applied gaseous in air treatments and as aqueous treatments

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