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A Healthy HomeHere are the many applications that Amazing Fresh Air can deliver.

  • Odor Removal for Any and All Bad Odors
    • Smoke odors
    • Curry and cooking odors
    • Pet odors
    • Car, Truck, Boat, & Travel Trailer Odors and Sanitizing

Bad Odors are Natures way of indicating something is not right.

Cleaner Image Solutions uses remedies from nature to totally remove  and neutralize odors at their source. The power horse tool is Activated Hydrogen Peroxide. This is an EPA approved Broad Spectrum Decontamination Solution which removes odor. The process may be as simple as fogging the area to a 3 step process  which could include foaming the surfaces. By using on Solution of an activated peroxide product called Factor H Success is pretty much guaranteed.

Factor H has been used by the US Military  for over 10years to rid odors, mold, and pathogens with great success.

For years Cleaner Image Solutions has combatted odors with combinations of intense aquaeous and ambient Ozone, probiotics and essential which were usually successful but often required an extended amount of time and repeat applications. By applying shock treatment(s) of intense o

A. It is important that no people, pets, or plants are in area during the shock treatment. With Factor H the area can be be back in use in 15 minutes, as the solution dries quickly and breaks down to oxygen and water.  Ozone dissipates within 40 minutes and returns to plain oxygen. Techs will wear face masks and long sleeve shirts during application.

Q. Can I purchase ozone or Factor H and DIY?

A.  No. Ozone can not be packaged. It has a very short life and must be made on site and applied by an Ozone Certified Technician with equipment capable of producing a high level of ozone. Factor H must be applied by a trained techQ.  How long does a treatment take?

Please note: These treatments will remove the odor, but if the source has not been eliminated the odor will re-occur. 

Factor H is very effective for:

  • Eliminating odors.
  • Killing mold and mildew.
  • Disinfecting
  • Is used to treat  hospital equipment.
  • Killing microbes on athletic equipment.
  • Killing mites, bacteria, and other small pests.

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