Do My Draperies need to be Cleaned?

When Should My Drapes Be Cleaned?

A good rule-of-thumb is to clean drapes approximately every two to four years. A recent survey showed that most owners think that cleaning is only necessary when they look dirty, often waiting 6 or more years to have them cleaned. Consider where your fabric investments hang - around windows, and near HVAC vents which create ever changing dust carrying air currents. Your draperies are air filters at the windows. UV lite, household dust, skin cells and dander, and the oily atmospheric soil will gradually cause the fabric to deteriorate. Postponing maintenance can be expensive. You may triple the life of your draperies through professional cleaning, which is relatively inexpensive compared to the rapidly rising replacement costs of fabrics.

Professional Renewal

When your draperies need cleaning, they usually require dry cleaning which protects the dyes and fibers while allowing the soils to be released. You DO NOT need to have them taken down and sent out for cleaning. In fact the safest and  best outcome happens when renewal is done right where they hang. Request the services of a seasoned drapery professional to visit your home and provide a no cost fabric integrity examination of your draperies, they can then provide a cleaning quote. The cleaning can be done right where the window treatments hang. Your windows will not be left without coverings and the refreshened fabrics will dry in place. Be discriminating in your choice of professional dry cleaners. You want a certified fabricare specialist trained and experienced with in home equipment specifically designed for draperies.

Cleaner Image Solutions has an exclusive process of dry cleaning draperies right in your home or office. There’s no need to have your home or office exposed while your draperies are out being cleaned. We inject a specially formulated odorless and eco friendly solution into your drapery and then extract the soil laden chemical, leaving your drapes clean. This special process results in no damage or shrinkage to the material. You enjoy safe quality cleaning at a reasonable price.