Does this Home Look Dangerous?

Looks like a tidy, well cared for safe place to raise a family to me. 

Corin had spent hours and multiple days scrubbing, replacing floors, cleaning air ducts and constantly doing laundry in her recently purchased home. Yet she could not peacefully sleep, she had rashes and sores on her torso, arms and legs. Each visit to the doctor resulted in a different diagnosis. She felt physically attacked each time she entered the front door.

Finally, just days before Christmas, Corin called Mike at Cleaner Image Solutions desperately wanting a solution.

Mike listened to her story and assessed the situation. While she brought her boys to the sitter, he vaccuumed every fabric peice again this time with a HEPA certified abatement vaccuum then he got out his Super Power Decontamination Solution and tools and went to work. His fogging of the duct system and electrostatic spraying of all rugs, furniture, and bedding and other surfaces brought lasting results.

Corin called 2 days later, she felt no attack any more, she had slept soundly in her own bed. She was ready to celebrate the Joy of Christmas with her sons in a safe healthy home.

The source of the problem? The previous owner had been somewhat messy with his pet, no mold was detected, all carpets had been removed, dustmites do not attack, hmmm . . .Could have been some type of fleas or mite.  Whatever, they are gone now.

The super power solution Mike used was an OMG Sanitized product which is very effective for odor, mold, germs and other tiny nasties which invade our spaces and cause damage to our health and well-being.

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