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Remove OdorsWe have remarkable superpowers.  We have the amazing ability to remove the worst odors.  The science behind our abilities is a secret, but our backpacks are loaded with a proprietary set of ingredients that were developed for the military.  Though amazingly effective, there is no environmental harm done.  Our products are EPA registered, biodegradable, and leave no toxic residue.  

And, we are super fast.  Instead of hours, many jobs take only 60-90 minutes.  That means you can return to your normal, civilian duties knowing that your mini-diaster is full solved, environmentally-safe, and our service even improves the indoor air quality.  Good people with allergies, asthma, and sensitivities will rejoice to discover that the ambient threats to their enjoyment of life have been resolved.

Mold RemovalMold is a super villain that destroys your home, harms your health, and never goes away until it is professionally removed.  Given enough time, mold will turn your house into a nightmare of rotten wood and creeping fungi.  The longer you wait, the worst it gets.

When you call, we arrive with our backpacks loaded with the amazing Decon Five formula.  The reason it is so effective is that is actually mixed just prior to application.  We foam, fog,  or spray every part of the house to kill mold and mildew on contact, neutralize and remove mold spores, and even counteract the mycotoxins that are harming family members.

Our treatment is complete, and there are no half-measures to fully remediate mold.  Our treatment includes a mildewstat that inhibits new mold growth for up to three years.  But, there is more.  Our treatment includes a powerful sanitizer, odor elimination, and detoxification process.  We make your home safe for human habitation.

Infection ControlThe OMG Sanitized treatment brings a 99.99999% germ kill (seven-log sanitizing), No Touch sanitizing process that prevents cross-contamination.  We can stop a speeding infection with our first visit, and keep students, workers, and patrons from missing work or school.

Do not mistake simple cleaning for sanitizing.  Even a 99.9% sanitizing product misses a lot when the germs number in the billions upon billions.  And, very few know how to really sanitize, so germs still cause disease and havoc.

Add this treatment to your cleaning program to provide a safety net for your customers.  Reach every problem area without the trouble of scrubbing with less effective products.

The Invisible Threat

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) can be an invisible threats to your health and happiness.  The air holds far more noxious elements than most can believe.  VOCs and TICs are various types of gases that work 24/7 aggravating your immune system.  Over the years, they shorten life.

Particle contaminants are pollen, mold spores, chemical residue, ash, dirt, insect parts, insect feces, dust mites, bacteria, and much  more.  The OMG Sanitized literally detoxifies the air.  

But, still there is more.  Our system denatures latent drug use, post-fire smoke smell, post-flood problems, and more.

OMG Sanitized is a professional treatment that brings the indoor environment back to a neutral and safe condition.  This is an All-in-One treatment that hits at every level of environmental concern that is a powerful safety net for the health of your office, gym, school, home, or medical building.


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