Lake Wylie Custom Drapes Get Custom Cleaning

When we clean custom Window Treatments on site, every job is a unique challenge.

Usually we need to make decisions on proper chemistry, timing, starting on the right side or left; but as in this case it sometimes it becomes choices of ladders or scaffolding, is extra help required, or how to compensate for very slippery floors, and whatever else the environment demands.

    In this case a little giant ladder with rubber non-skid pads on the floor, and a vacuum booster was required to achieve the perfect outcome. Along with our preferrd GreenEarth dry cleaning solutions and our special drapery cleaning equipment. Plus 30 years of dry cleaning experience. The result is - Success. 

Insects, soils, dust, pet hair are gone. Poorly installed hardware repaired or replaced.  As usual no shrinkage, no damage. Another challenging, successful outcome.

A Very happy customer who had not cleaned them for 10 years because she did not know who could handle it. Now she does.

Thank you Mrs Oliver for trusting us with your treasures. Now, on to her other windows.