Lake Wylie House of Twelve Cats

What happens to fine fabrics when they and 12 cats come together?

Yes, every time. Soiling and lots of hair, dander, and pet oils.

No worries though. Even though these were silk and the risk of urine damage was high, we were able to clean with cold aquaeous ozone , eliminate the soils, odors and stains on the bottom 2 feet of the panels. Refreshed and renewed, top to bottom.

Many more panels to go in this house with different fabrics and conditions. Some will need treatment  with Green Earth liquid silicone dry cleaning solution before liquid ozone is applied to protect the natural fibers. All in all we expect fresh healthy results.

Pet owners love what we can do with the power of ozone to kill pathogens, remove unhealthy soiling, and restore the beauty of their investments. Our success begins and ends with God's remedies in nature.

Success, one window at a time.