Lake Wylie Luminettes Need Cleaning

Had a call today from a competitor who tried to clean Hunter Douglas Luminette Modern Draperies in a tub and the consumer was not overjoyed with the outcome. Ten to fifteen year-old anything rarely looks new again after cleaning, but this product cleaned with the HD recommended Onsite Fabricare techniques usually look remarkably close to like new when they are done. Different environments can cause permanent damage, but these are very renewable and our customers are usually over-joyed by the out come.

So can we fix this particular problem? - maybe, but it's probably too late for our services. It is a shame. This product is very elegant, very durable, very cleanable, and quite costly to replace.

How should your Luminettes be cared for?  You will want to have the dust removed seasonally to maintain their brightness. Every 4-6 years, like any window treatment you should have them professionally cleaned. Our Fabricare system is done onsite for best results. In fact the only time this product should ever be un-installed is if the homeowner is remodeling or painting. at which time the draperies should be removed and rolled on a tube by a professional installer or Onsite Fabricare Tech to protect the integrity of the product. Like any other quality investment, proper maintenance makes all the difference. These should maintain their beauty for many years.

Please, if you own , or know someone who owns this or other Hunter Douglas Window Fashion, call 704-941-5794 for your certified professional.