Liquid Ozone Cleans Rock Hill


More FAQ's on Liquid Ozone

3. How does liquid ozone work?Ozone is a molecule of three oxygen atoms (O3) that is not stable and will breakdown quickly and form radicals have a high oxidation potential, or redox. This is what makes it a strong oxidizer and disinfectant. During the oxidation, only one oxygen atom is used for the chemical reaction forming with hydrogen into OH-radicals. Harmless to people, the ozone quickly attacks and eliminates contaminants it comes in contact with. The oxidization reacts with the cell walls of bacteria and viruses the same way hydrogen peroxide and iodine do, causing cell poration of the microbe, which leads to it's death. The oxidation also removes electrons of molecules, eventually rendering them inert. In this way O3 kills the bacteria that cause odors, viruses that cause illness, as well as breaks down bio matter on surfaces that provide the food for microbes.


4. How much ozone do liquid ozone cleaning solutions contain?It varies from application and manufacturer. It can be is as high as 5ppm or more for high-volume industrial settings and is regulated by OSHA because of the risk of off-gassing at these concentrations. Our  unit produces just 1.5ppm ozone by volume in water solution. This is enough to disinfect and sanitize in the home or office without off-gassing.

5. How long does ozone last?Ozone in any form has a 15 minute half-life. While is is obviously NOT radioactive as "half-life" may seem to imply, it is used because of ozone's rapid degradation. In 15 minutes half its solution has lost potency, at which point it is a better cleaning solution than disinfectant. Ozone can not be bottled and stored. To be effective the cleaning solution must continuously be being regenerated.