Not a Pretty Picture Charlotte

The colors are good, the shapes interesting, but let's not touch.

These are unfriendlies. What you are seeing here are E-coli, Ebola, H1N1, Hepatitusi, Mold, MRSA, Norwalk, Rossman, and Salmonella microbes.

The problem  is that our children and even ourselves are in environments with concentrations of these through out our daily encounters, Our daycares, busses, gyms, and locker rooms are often incubaters for these and many other dangerous health invaders.

If these could be killed with an aqueous solution that leaves zero chemical or any other harmful residue, if these could be stopped from growing, mutating, and multiplying with an anti-microbial coating which works 24/7 in light or dark environments, would it not make sence to make sure the places our children learn and play, we work, play, eat, or travel are using these healthy solutions?

We think so.  That's why Cleaner Image Solutions is offering a 2 step health first solution including a remarkable protectant which kills microbes on contact.