Odor & Infection Control Tools by Nature Really Work

One has to look no further than Nature to solve the challenges of renewing a healthy environment. In nature solutions are bundled up in plants, part of the air, energized by sun-light, shocked by storms, clarified with water, and multiply as needed. In our tool box they are known as: Select Essential Oils, Activated Oxygen, Aqueous Ozone, and Probiotics, Used at the right time and in the right manner they Destroy Odors, even chemical odors, breakdown Biofilms, eliminate Dust Mites and their Allergens, and kill Mold. In seconds these solutions will kill most bacteria, viruses, and other microscopic pathogens.

Ozone (Gaseous) is what might be terms a broad spectrum product.  It does so many things, and yet it leaves no residue.  Ozone will sanitize by burning holes in the outer membrane of bacteria and virus.  It will destroy biofilm.  It will kill mold and neutralize mold spores so they do not reproduce. It kills Dust Mites. Ozone is an oxidizer that attacks a wide variety of odor sources converting them from foul smell to no smell. Ozone also breaks up biofilm where odors can hide and bacteria thrive.
Ozonated water kills pathogens in seconds the same way as gaseous ozone.

Probiotics are living bacteria, but are the good ones we need to stay healthy.  Enzymes and probiotics are both DIGESTERS, so it helps to know why we would use these products.  These are used to eat away any deposits that you cannot reach.  Ozone, for example will break down pet urine residue, but not as fast or deep as probiotics.  These are also beneficial for germ fighting.  Probiotics will eat away the biofilm and the good and bad bacteria will eventually all die off when the source is eliminated. 

 Essential Oils offer interesting alternatives to odor problems.  They can be used in places that ozone is not an option like on poultry farms, dumps, and even in dumpster cages.  A select few essential oils are odor neutralizers that adhere to the odor molecules to change their fundamental nature.  This creates olfactory confusion meaning you cannot smell the foul aspect of the odor.
These are each a powerful tool used by nature to heal and restore. Cleaner Image Solutions has each of these in their arsenal to restore a healthy indoor environment. These definitely renew, but how then is this renewed environment protected?
Biozone, a static anti-microbial coating should be applied to the surfaces to continue to kill pathogens and prevent re-contamination. Biozone  works 24/7, in light or dark, hot or cold.
The best odor and infection control solutions are taken from nature and leave no residue.