Piper Glen Silhouettes Restored To Like New Beauty


So Shelley called to see if the shades in their recently purchased home were salvageable.

Shelley like many other recent up-scale home buyers are surprised at the value (although often very dirty) of their window treatments. Sometimes they do need to be replaced, but if they are made by Hunter Douglas, and have no holes or tears they often can be returned to a "Like New" appearance.

Shelley had 5 sliders and windows covered with 15 year old HD Sillouettes in the home they were prepping to move in to. These shades had been storing many pet, mold, dirt, and insect stains. Her husband had said Replace them. Shelley called Mike at Cleaner Image Solutions to asses their value and cleanability.

With the exceeption of a few permanent wrinkles caused by pets, these 5 shades were able to be restored to bright white Silhouette excellence. Saving the new owners hundreds of $$  to spend on other window coverings in the house.

Thank you Shelley for calling CIS. Enjoy your new home.