Ready for This Rock Hill, or Fort MiIl? Charlotte?

You know this is coming, it's the season, and when has "the Shot" kept your household flu--free?

What are the chances that this will represent a morning soon?Pretty Good probably.

What are the chances your kids school, or bus, or daycare has had a facility shot?

What happens when there is an outbreak of colds and flu in your daycare, your childs gym, senior center, or dance studio?

What about your workout or work place?

Want to decrease the odds of bringing these pictures of  illness to your home?

 Have the enemy insurgents already entered your domicile?

I don't offer flu shots, nutritional supplements, or essential oils for the health and wellness of yourself or family.

But I can provide a huge difference maker, a shot if you will, to the environments you live, play, and work in. None of us can avoid carrying pathogens we come in contact with back into our personal spaces, but spreading the harm in our spaces can be halted or limitted. By appling a Broad Spectrum Decontamination Solution on surfaces to destroy odors, kill mold and pathogens the harmful insurgents wiped out - there is a 99.99999% chance of success.  Then if an anti-microbial coating is applied to the same surfaces, your environments are made much safer and healthier. 

Oh, did I mention that these applications are totally eco-safe for people and pets? That a mild fresh odor is all you will notice? That bacteria, viruses, mold, and other pathgens can not become imune to these solutions? That all normal activity in the space can resume 10 minutes after the kill application and 30 minutes after the anti-microbial is applied?

Want to keep you family safe?  

Tell your day cares, work-out gurus, pet care, boss, and facilities you frequent, to get a facility sanitizing shot. Let's protect our families.

Message us or text to 704-941-5794 to get your spaces decontaminated.