Sanitizing Fort Mill with Aqueous Ozone


Aqueous ozone has long been used in water treatment, food sterilization and medical therapies for its remarkable anti-viral, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial properties.

What residues will liquid ozone leave after it dries?Contrary to chlorine, which always leaves an oxidation or disinfection byproduct, ozone simply will revert back to oxygen.

How strong is liquid ozone?O3 is is often compared to bleach and other chlorinated products as they are used in many of the same disinfection applications. When used as such ozone has proven to be 50% stronger and 3000x faster than bleach. For example, disinfecting with 1 ppm chlorine at a water temperature of 59°F and a pH of 7 requires a dwell time of 75 minutes. The disinfection efficiency achieved will be 99.9 percent. Assuming the same temperature and pH, a concentration of 1 mg/l of liquid ozone water achieves a disinfection efficiency of 99.9% in only 57 seconds. For this example giardia is the parasite used in the water sample because it is one of the most difficult microorganisms to kill.

Liquid Ozone is a powerful disinfestant,

Liquid Ozone works quickly.

Liquid Ozone is so Eco Friendly.

Liquid ozone is one of Cleaner Image Solutions' steps for a healthy living and work environment.