Sheers, Silk Panels, Roman Shades . . With a Lake Norman view

Jessica has a great lake view out her windows. Inside they have invested in high-end fabrics in multiple layers, UV window protection, and elegant table skirts in this 8 windowed open nicely appointed bed room. With the high level of potential UV damage for the fabric,and the always increased collections of dust and contaminants in a bedroom, Jessica wisely cares for her investments with seasonal vacuuming and then dry cleaning every 2 to4 years. This program of attention will keep her designs looking fresh and new, while protecting the integrity of her fabrics for years to come,

Cleaner Image Solutions On-Site cleaning of the fabrics took more than a day because there so many windows, but the fabrics never left their position. No bare windows, No take-downs. No re-hangs. No VOC's.

Fabrics cleaned and the Healthy environment restored because in addition to cleaning, a treatment to kill and kill remove dust mites and other pathogens was provided for the mattress and entire room. Essentially a deep clean  followed with a room detox. Great view outside, fresh and clean inside, success.

Thank you Jessica