Spring Cleaning Charlotte

Get ready for outdoor fun in the backyard. The pool area is not ready to party until the outdoor cushions are clean. We have quite the stack of cusions from small pillows to sofas, swings and lounges. Another years accumulation of pollens, leaves, insects,last season food and beverage stains, sunscreen, dust and animal treats. 

The ideal cleaning environment includes shade, good view, fresh air and bright sun. The shade to work in and the sun to help brighten and dry the fabrics, and the pool and waterfall to refresh the mind while we keep working. We began Friday with a nice sun filled day, and you can see the results as cleaning is accomplished. But today brings rain and cold air so we'll finish in the sunshine on Wednesday. Some of the fabrics were quite yellowed and even browned when we began. The right weather, the perfect environment, happy cleaner, happy customer, a goooood day.

The pool parties can begin this weekend.

Let the fun in the sun begin!