The Test Continues near Charlotte

You may recall that a kitchen test was begun in November of 2014. The purpose was to prove that a particular anti-microbial would not stand up to its claims. After proper sanitizing the coating was applied and left to dry, Hygiene testing revealed very low microbial activity. Weekly then monthly tests revealed that microbial activity remained near zero in spite of the fact no soaps, disinfectants or scrubbing was taking place in the kitchen and especially the heavily used sink. Only wiping with a paper towel moistened with tap water was ever used for maintenance.

Today, May 27, 2015, 6 months after initial treatment it appears that microbial activity is increasing although easily in the "good" range under 150.

So the question is - Does 6 months of purposeful neglect prove the ineffectiveness of the anti-microbial?

How effective is this coating in kennels? Daycares? Senior Centers? Gyms?