Why do Sanitizers Fail?


As soon as typical sanitizers dry, the opportunity for bacteria and odors start all over again.

BioZone Protectant is an antimicrobial surface treatment that works 24/7 for as long as three months.The BioZone System interrupts the three ways germs are transferred. In fact, every surface in the facility becomes a bacteria-fighting part of infection control. Bacteria and germs simply have no safe place to land, colonize, or spread.Harsh, toxic chemicals are commonly used to sanitize offices, but they don't sanitize for very long. BioZone is not a chemical reaction. It is a mechanical process for which there is no immunity. There is real value in BioZone's antimicrobial power, odor removal, and allergen control that is found nowhere else. BioZone Protectant is the best antimicrobial surface treatment.

Does it work in school buses? Daycares? Senior Centers?  Gyms? Cars? Locker Rooms? Animal centers?

Yes, Anywhere microbes thrive