Why do I need to clean my drapes?

By default window coverings are air filters at your windows.

As temperature changes occur at our windows, air currents are created changing direction many times throughout the day. These currents carry dust particles and other

contaminants., Your window coverings filter out the currents, odors and soils. Accumulating soils and sun cause fabrics to deteriorate and dyes to fade or change color.

All window treatments are affected.

To keep your investments looking neat and fresh seasonal maintenance is a must and only regular deep cleaning can protect your investment and revive those

compliments you received when they were new.

On-site deep cleaning is the safest method for renewing all decorative fabrics, including drapes, curtains, fabric shades,  blinds, and valences. In the Charlotte area

Cleaner Image Solutions is the preferred and certified vendor for cleaning all Hunter Douglas products including Silhouettes, Duettes, and Luminettes and all other

decorative fabric configurations.

The On-Site method is a very  safe and effective fabric cleaning method.

 Not sure if your Treatments can or should be cleaned?

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